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The iaido.

居 合

This is iai kandajyuku.



The Way of the Sword.                 

Starting the Samuraisword (Katana) fight hundred times and gaining advantage  hundred times do not mean the origin of the sword martial arts. It‘s origin is inside the sheath and mind.

What is the iai ?
It is a traditional martial arts facing with an enemy and drawing a sword quickly when it is necessary.
Iai is an ultimate Samurai sword arts.
Iai is different from the way striking each other which starts from the way facing with each other with drawn swords.
Iai starts imagining the battle with the sword staying inside the sheath and then loosen the sword slightly in its sheath against the enemy and draw the sword instantly to bring down the enemy and put up the sword quickly.
Iai shall come along with the pattern which shows the series of the action of the sword battle in line with the numbers of enemies and with its formation.
It‘s so cool !

Float like a Butterfly,Sting like a Bee.

From arts to truth, Sword arts, Zen and Chya.
Iai sword arts is a practice of the basis of arts using the

pattern. It will discipline the mind by replacing the spirit of the sword and of the battle with the action form ( Kata ).

Zen and 茶 Chya ceremony.

(Zen) meditation and 茶 (Chya),When you quiet yourbody and your breath,your mind becomes clear. You

have to find your Samurai Spirits soul of 武士道 Bushido.

残心 Zanshin

One of the most important things in , culture of Japan and the

martial arts not lowering one's guard, both in mind and body, even , refers to after making a successful move against the opponent. In pursuit of the "道 do " (the way), it has something to do with "茶道 Chyado (the way of tea) ", "弓道 (Kyudo)",

"能 (Nou)” and others "芸道 (geido)" in that they share the common mental attitudes or movements, such as "Zanshin".


“Kokoro wa katachi wo motome, katachi wa kokoro wo susumeru.”

Mind will search form and form will move mind. Mind itself has no form and cannot be seen. Mind only symbolizes the stage once reached and will transform to the pattern, master the pattern, exceed the pattern and make efforts to express oneself.

Look into yourself, know yourself and get over yourself

Through the practice of iai, Live in this moment now!

Discipline your mind and shape your body.

Why don’t you start iaido at our Reiwa iai Kandajyuku?

Jyuku means practice fields Dojo.
Iaijyuku opens the door now for new members coming.

No experience is needed.
No age, sex and nationality matters.

Iaijyuku has the practice places(Dojo)
in Kanda district in Tokyo.

and in Saitama-City. 

Full membership Admission : 5,000 yen.

Monthly Fee : 3,000 yen.

Welcome to our iai dojo.

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May the Bushido be with us.

iai kandajyuku

居合  神田塾

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